What We Do

What We Do

After School Programs

Our afterschool program follows the NYC Department of Education school year calendar. We provide neighborhood children with help in their daily homework assignments with focused coaching in Math, Science, and Reading. Our programs also include development lessons through Biblical Teaching by means of Music, Dance, Games, and Community Building.

Our programs are also comprised of agricultural and social education. We teach our children how to garden, to cook various cuisines, and the importance of healthy eating and cooking. While we stress the importance of education, we also have a Visual Arts program where children can learn how to and are encouraged to draw and paint.

Basketball League

This program is designed to reach youth from the ages of 13 to 21. The goal of this ministry is to bring us into relationships with youth who otherwise would not be connected and to build relationships with them and their families. Our league teaches young people to play organized basketball, with the bigger goal of encouraging them to complete their studies, expand their view of the world through trips to colleges, universities and corporate offices.

Street Leaders Ministry

This program is designed to teach teens and youth work ethics, leadership development and spiritual development, which allows healthy community living. We train teenagers, twelve years and up, to be leaders by recruiting them to work with us for the summer camp. Older children, fifteen and up, are trained to be mentors to younger kids. Sessions for our older children include Leadership Development, Work Ethics, and Bible instruction.

Summer Program

Our 6-week summer camp for children in the community operates from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Each day there are various breakout sessions where children learn about nutrition, cooking, gardening, and the Bible. We also include community game time, arts & crafts, drama, dance and weekly field trips.

Sunday School

We partner with Metro World Child Sidewalk Sunday School, also known as “Yogi Bear” by the kids. We allow the use of our sanctuary and they have an hour and half of fun, teaching the children about the Bible and moral values.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development training is conducted and completed by participants who will earn a certificate through our suite trainings. Students are then eligible for employment placement assistance through our Job Resource Center. Our suite of trainings includes hospitality, computer training literacy, locksmith, custodial maintenance, and food prep/safety. A significant segment of our training also includes resume and cover letter development.