Who We Are

Who We Are

Our History

The Urban Promise program was founded in Camden, notoriously known as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.  This life changing vision has successfully transformed hundreds of children and families in the city, raising up a generation of young people who are prepared to accept the responsibilities and challenges of leadership.  80% of the children who enrolled over the last 15 years have gone on to college.

Urban Promise is a visionary program founded in 1988 with a primary mission to “equip Camden’s children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth and Christian leadership.”  The organization seeks to achieve this goal through a variety of programs, including after school programs, summer camps, alternative schools, job training and other initiatives.

Urban Promise ministry has had incredible success in the inner cities of Camden, New Jersey. The success of the Camden program prompted its successful replication in several other cities, including Wilmington, Delaware, Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.  We are fully committed to seeing this successful program begin to impact young lives on Staten Island, and throughout the city of New York.

Our Vision

The creation of an Urban Hope center by New Hope Community Church in NYC will create a first of its kind program that provides our city’s young people with direction and guidance through a multi-faceted approach to impacting lives. Our vision is to create after-school and summer programs on Staten Island, with a continued building and expansion.

Once the program has been established to serve the inner city communities on the Island and is a self-sustaining entity, we plan to expand the vision to the remaining boroughs of New York City. The penultimate goal is to establish Urban Hope centers in each of the five boroughs, serving and rescuing at risk youth from the perils of street life.

Outreach to Non-Churched Children
Life Skill Development Activities
Leadership Development Activities
After-school & Summer Program

Governing Board

Michael Avaltroni

Richard Orlando

Advisory Board

Frank Migliazzo

Gray Keller

A Word from Our President

Pastor Rev. David Beidel

There is a long and beautiful road that I use whenever I travel to my old seminary Alliance Theological Seminary. I’m always reminded that our church was conceived and an urban promise was made some 20 years ago on that quiet road. It was the recalling of a prayer request from a young homeless man that God used to break and capture my heart. The young man was temporarily living at my house when he asked a small group of friends to pray for his 10 year old niece who was being prostituted by her step father to support his crack habit. We all sat stunned by his request. A few of us mumbled a prayer, all of us had a similar reaction, our heads were bowed, but our hearts were screaming: “Don’t go there… Don’t let that in…” If you think about that too much, you’ll lose your mind. Who can bear to ponder the unthinkable sorrow of this city? I was heading to seminary to be prepared for ministry and I sensed God saying, “Do you really want to serve me?…You have to go there, You have to let it in, You have to begin to feel what I feel.” I said, “Yes Lord,” and I wept in a way I never had before and never have since as I promised the Lord, “Whatever it takes, help me to make a difference in my city.” God has also given us His Urban Promise.  His constant promise to us throughout the years has been: “The wilderness and parched land will be glad, the desert will rejoice and bloom.”(Isa. 35:1) 20 years later we have great reason to rejoice as we watch our wilderness blossom and bloom. The Lord has provided, paid for and rebuilt our church facility in a neighborhood that formerly was nicknamed “Wild Wild West Brighton” or “Bloody Brighton”. The murder rate in our neighborhood has plummeted 95% since we have moved here. In the past 10 years hundreds of neighbors and children have opened their hearts to the Gospel and grown to maturity in Christ Jesus. Urban Hope NYC has been in operation for 3 years, offering consistent year round hope, help and healing to the children of our neighborhood. We rejoice in the mighty love of God.

With Promises to Keep,